Original Clothes

The casual and container genuine clothing and footwear is packed in polyethylene bags of about 8-10 kg. In these bags, the goods are original, untouched, preserving the quality of a genuine product. The packaging is carefully carried out upon loading in order to avoid damaging the package to the least possible extent so that the goods reach our customers in the safest conditions. The collecting areas are carefully chosen in order to provide high quality products, in order for our customers to be satisfied and our cooperation developed with them to be as lasting as possible.

We also strive for our sale prices to be in line with the quality of our goods, thus convincing our customers to accept that quality products are adequately valued. For a good development activity is necessary the associative programming from time of any the deliveries. If you have a little shop specialized in sales of second hand clothes contact us and we shall connect with our hithermost distributor. If you want details about your own business development with second hand clothes, don’t hesitate to contact us and a professional team will work special for you.



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